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Smile like a celebrity with a little help from Idol White

Smile like a celebrity with a little help from Idol WhiteCan you remember the last time you saw a celebrity whose teeth weren’t as white and as bright as possible? No one can. Ever since the TV was invented and since we started having celebrities, one of the most important parts of their flawless appearance have been their teeth. And while for some of them this is due to good genes and good luck, for the vast, vast majority of them, this has more to do with the fact that they spend significant amounts of time and even more significant amounts of money on dental services whose only purpose is to get their teeth perfectly pearly and white.


However, for the ordinary person, these dental services are a pipe dream as they cost an arm and a leg and there aren’t that many dental insurance packages (if any), that will cover these costs. Luckily, over the last few years, we have seen much improvement in home teeth whitening options that can give you the same results as visiting dentist’s only at much lower costs. We have seen innumerable gels, strips, powders and a number of other teeth whitening techniques and it is quite difficult to choose the perfect one. Or at least it used to be. Until Idol White was introduced.


Idol White uses the same active ingredient as teeth whitening gels, the hydrogen peroxide. In fact, it uses the same active ingredient as good teeth whitening gels as the cheaper and less quality ones use carbamide peroxide which is much less effective. However, Idol White contains further ingredients which are responsible for great results that are achieved by using it. It contains carbomer and sodium oxide which further whiten and shine the teeth, giving them the best possible appearance. There are some further ingredients that are responsible for further promotion of dental health and which make sure the best results are achieved by using Idol White.


Smile like a celebrity with a little help from Idol WhiteAnother huge difference between Idol White and other home teeth whitening solutions is the way in which it is applied. With gels, you need to wear those uncomfortable mouth guards which make a lot of people gag and which are quite nauseating. Idol White is completely different. It is applied like make-up. You twist it and a small amount of Idol White formula comes out at the top. You then use the Idol White pen to apply that formula on the teeth. This enables you to target specific areas and to achieve exactly the whitening you wish to achieve in particular places.


Applying Idol White lasts for less than a minute, after which you can rinse your teeth out with water. His is much more convenient than having to wait for half an hour before you can take it off. You can apply it virtually everywhere, in a restaurant, in a club, at work, wherever you wish.


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